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This Andean ceremony is much more important than a common conjugal union between two people, so it ‘s all a sacred ritual performed by an Andean Priest, along with all the energies of nature. also because, in this act, all the Deities are considered sacred in Andean religion . Here, we mention the main ones that make up the Andean duality consists LOS APUS ( Mountain Spirits), representing the masculine side and LA Pacha Mama (Mother Earth ) representing the woman and in addition to these two main Deities, is considered as an element Water represents purity and symbolizing the Camino Fire or Force. Many years ago, the Andean, continuing the traditions of our ancestors the Incas, continued the practice of these ceremonies, as they considered the perfect sacred bond between man and woman, so that they thrive and can have happiness hands full Pacha Mama who will give all products that have in their environment and the protection of APUS who will be guardians against any enemy who desires evil for the couple.
The Andean wedding ceremony is one of the simplest, compared to the Catholics in which the couple that dresses better or looks better is what made ​​the best marriage . In this case, there is the luxury and the couple should enter the ceremony with pure and open heart .


The ceremony will take place outside the city of Cusco, to avoid contact with the Catholic religion, as it is a mystical and non-Catholic ceremony.

Generally, Andean marriage ceremonies begin in the morning, moving to QUILLARUMIYOC, to perform the ceremony only in the course of the morning . Tren, if the couple may want to meet Catholic civil ceremony, according to its program .
Normally, we perform the ceremony QUILLARUMIYOC Archaeological Center, a place of great power and energy, which is also present vital fluid which is favorable for the ceremony. On the other hand, is a religious center magnetic, it is said that the place was a temple for ceremonies to KEEL MAMA (Mother Moon) and for all these reasons, it is considered by us as a place with many positive qualities to our ceremonies . But, do not rule out the possibility that stakeholders choose a place they see fit, to perform ceremonies.
The ceremony begins at QUILLARUMIYOC, at 9:30 am and will last about three hours, taking place with and Flowering Purification Ceremony, followed by the Ceremony of the Four Elements : Water, Fire, Air and Earth . Also, in the act of the ceremony will be held or Office Ceremony Offering to Pacha Mama, who is married to an offering to Pacha Mama protect the Sacred Union that is being made. The ceremony is complemented by a series of activities to confirm the union in the eyes of our Andean gods, which can be:


The rings must be silver or gold, no matter if it’s just bathed, so that each of these metals has its meaning as revealed in the agency.


In this case, there was an exchange of garments (present ) made each man and woman. The type of product to be exchanged will be explained to the agency, since each product will have a special meaning that only you will know the time of the ceremony .


This ceremony is performed with Andean drink a toast that will serve to fortify marital union since.


This is the act that gives power to thank the guests and is composed of Andean snacks and even a main course . ( This part of the ceremony is optional


At the ceremony, you need to make the exchange of garments (present ) that will be mentioned in the agency, so that the ceremony be stronger, as the products take to the Offering Ceremony, which makes that the person or couple will identify more with the Offering Ceremony . All services are included, can be given and will cost extra to the package price .


  • Priest Andean
  • Transportation, only for boyfriends
  • Offering to Pacha Mama, including basic fluids for the ceremony
  • Guide or translator
  • Basic Music ceremony.


  • Costumes, if they prefer stakeholders
  • Musicians gala
  • Costumes for godparents or other relatives
  • feeding
  • Transport for companions .


  • Costumes, if they prefer stakeholders
  • Musicians gala
  • Costumes for godparents or other relatives
  • feeding
  • Transport for companions
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From $- - USD 12 HOURS


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